Humans Of Stella

Samyuktha Shiva, I Year, B.A.English
Image credits: Krishna J. Nair, I Year, B.A.English

 Nora Alexy

“Music has been a huge part of my life.

My brother has always been very good at music. At first, I just used to go along with him to his practice sessions at Church. After a while, I took a chance and tried singing a bit myself. That’s when the people around me started letting me know that I could actually sing!  Soon after, I landed a solo – this one song, every Christmas. This slowly made me realize, ‘Hey! I’m actually pretty good at this!’
I actually had something in me that I could work on and hopefully get better at.

All these years later, I’ve finished a couple of grades at Trinity and, now, finally, I’m doing exactly what I want to do in terms of music. I absolutely love being able to go up there, sing my heart out, entertain people, and mainly just have a good time myself!

I sing all the time! So even if I’m having a really good day, I sing, and maybe when I’m having quite a bad day, I cover. I think a few of the covers I post haven’t really been taken when I was at my happiest. Most times, even the songs I cover are in accordance with what I actually felt that day.

No, it’s not like music  makes anything better, but it somehow makes me feel like I have someone to lean on, it might not be a person, but it’s just something I do that truly helps me.
It’s almost like therapy!
That’s why I feel parents need to expose their children to music more. It should also definitely be a subject in school, because it’s such a cool thing to learn!

Yeah, not everyone is going to be a good pianist, or a good singer, but that doesn’t matter, you just need to give it a shot and, I promise, it’ll be fun. Music will help with everything! Everything from your hand-eye coordination, your mental health, and even your social skills.

On top of that, I think it’s always nice to have a hobby.

Nothing is stopping you now, you can always pick up an instrument, or try your hand at singing. Learn it from YouTube, if you’d like, but just give it a try!

It’s absolutely worth it.”


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