A Step You Can Take Back

Krishna J Nair, I Year B.A. English

I don’t know if it was the heat of the summer that fed the fire in me, or the once-in-a-blue-moon rain that sent a chill up my spine and brought me back to where I was, making me understand who I really was, but one thing I knew for sure was that it was the view I absolutely adored. The whole city beneath my feet, the vast expanse waiting to embrace me. The only sight that flashed before my eyes was the scene from ‘Birdman’, where the hero jumps from the window of a building, just to fly.
From the rooftop, all I needed to do was that that daring jump, leaving all the fortune and luck behind just for that momentary adrenaline rush, the utmost state of high. A small step and the world would be mine and I, a part of her; one of the most beautiful thoughts of poetry.


But then, God’s play with the universe began. The city died slowly as my longing ignited. Then, like a song that starts in a vinyl, slowly yet solemnly, the city began to take birth. The sweet melody of a bird, the angry honking, the subtle wind playing with my hair. And to top it all, the wailing of an innocent child. It wasn’t trouble that made him cry, it was the joy of crying that excited him; the same adrenaline rush I was longing for. Now the wailing disappeared, as the footsteps of his mother approached the baby. The city slept, listening to the sweet lullaby that teased the child’s ears and then found its way to his heart. A fragment of it kissing my aura deeply, cleansing me and taking me to a time of Hakuna Matata. Like sprinkles on a doughnut came the rain, beating on the sunroof to the rhythm of my heart beat. Soon, the rain became salty; the blood started flowing in my veins. Somewhere in the city, ‘When The Children Cry’ started playing, and I realized, it was okay to take a step back in life.


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