Restaurant Review: Amelie’s

Mercy Johny, III Year, B.A. English
-Image Credits Mercy Johny, III Year, B.A. English

Only one Paris-inspired café can serve Baos and Eggs Benedict in the same menu.
With old French magazine posters and plates hung everywhere, Amelie’s, located in Seshadri road, Alwarpet, almost exudes a vibe of something recollected from a happy past. Their tastefully done interiors have the walls resplendent with hand held mirrors, cutlery and even a typewriter (for unknown purposes) found conveniently placed on a quaint white cupboard.
One entire hallway is dedicated to what may skip one’s eye quite easily – a wall covered in pages, on top of which are black strokes of women, instruments and even cycles. And of course, what does not skip one’s eye here is their desserts section laden with oozing chocolate popsicles, that even come in different colours of yellow and pink, and their sophisticated plated desserts with names such as ‘textures of dark chocolate with sea-salt anglaise’ and other ice-cream pastries and desserts are sure to make you crave for a desserts-only meal.

The pleasant murmur of conversation that you hear as you enter the café, is only the beginning of the experience this delightful café brings, as the friendly staff arrive by your side, willing to give you the greatest insight into their menu when asked about one dish. It’s evident that they take their menu, and their service, quite seriously.
While the menu is not too expansive, their food has enough variety to help you choose according to your wishes, and is economically priced. However the quantity seems to agree with the price too, as an order for their sliders arrives with three differently coloured miniature buns and a serving of fries – and all it takes for a perpetually hungry college student is three mouthfuls and a request for the menu yet again.
The other main course dishes, however, come in adequate quantity, as their cheese pasta and All-Day breakfast is surprisingly more filling than some of their other dishes.
The first arrives in all its glory, with pasta doused in warm gooey cheese and a croissant by the side, with vegetables (optional) while the non-veg variant comes with chunks of grilled chicken. The All-day breakfast (the non-veg variant) come with a muffin, eggs and meat. They have adequate quantity for the vegetarians as well, but a meal with solely appetisers, especially ones that come in three slices of paneer, isn’t recommended for the ravenous one.

Known for their final entrants, their swiss ice-creams with flavours such as chilli popcorn ice cream along with the other creamy flavours, are the true winners, especially after a whole-heartedly satisfying meal. One scoop of the creamy ice-cream gliding down your bowl is sure to produce a wide grin and in that moment of glory, you realise that this is a place where the tummy’s full and the heart fuller.


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