Independence Day Celebrations At SMC

-Yashna Tulsiani, II Year B.Sc Psychology
-Image Source Stella Maris College website

Independence day is the one time we recognise the years of struggle and compliance that were spent to gain this unrestricted democracy. Men, women and children gave lives to attain this freedom. In order to respect and show gratitude to everything our ancestors have done to save us from being captive and suppressed to any expression of thought, idea or feeling, we organise flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programmes in governmental and non-governmental institutions throughout the country.​

​For Stella Marians, though, Stella Maris College’s birthday is another reason as to why August 15th is an important day. Stella Maris was established on 15th, August, 1947. So, the same day India gained her independence, Stella Maris was established.

To celebrate both the important events, the union members of the Stella Maris College organised a very exciting and fun-filled program. This program was mainly done to show us the significance of the two events that helped making the country we live in, a better place. ​

The program started off with settling everyone down in their seats and welcoming the chief guest – a well-known retired I.A.S officer, Sri. S.S Jawahar.

​The program then began with the drill by the N.C.C cadets of Stella Maris College followed by a flag hoisting ceremony. After this, we all joined our hands in prayer to pay our respects. The chief guest was then asked to come forward and share a few words of inspiration. He rightfully did so, by talking about everything our forefathers did to make a better world for us to live in and by speaking about all the diversity and unity in this country and that he was proud of it and we should be too. He also stressed on what we can do to make this country an even better place to live in and what the nation as a whole expects of the younger generation of this country.
In a very motivational way, he spoke about the power of youth. And ended his speech by telling the students to utilise our potential to the best of our ability and work hard and aim at making this country and world a better place.

After his speech, there was a cultural program organised where the light music club inspired us through their voices and songs while the western dance club and the folk dance club showed us, through their dance, the level of cultural diversity we have in this country.
The last event of the program was the Tableau competition where the students were split into groups of the states and union territories in India, and each group was asked to depict the state assigned to them in a creative and unique manner.

Four state groups, namely Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir and West Bengal performed on stage while the other state groups were assigned places all around the campus and the chief guest and the Principal along with a few teachers went around the campus and looked at how creatively each state was depicted.

The nation is proud of its independence, and by the end of this programme, Stella Marians are, as well.


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