Humans Of Stella

– Compiled by Samyuktha Shivachandran, I year B.A. English
-Image Credits Krishna J. Nair, I year B.A. English

Indumathi, a.k.a Icecream – aunty

“What’s your greatest struggle right now?”

I grew up in a very sheltered environment where I was taught that all women have a set of duties – duties that I should accept without question. Get married, settle down, bear children, and keep the house clean.

I never thought I’d do anything different although, somewhere inside me, I always had a desire to break free, do more.

And then I met my husband.

He was not the person I had so long been resenting in my head purely based on assumptions. He was different. He told me I could work if I wanted to. He gave me a sense of freedom. You see, I was a very quiet person, and then suddenly I was given the opportunity to speak for myself, to earn, to take up new responsibilities.

I had a full time job. It was empowering, and still is.

I learned that I could be fearless. It also brought out a fun side I never knew I had in me! Talking to all you children, working with all these lovely, friendly people, I can’t help but have a blast here.

I have been working for three years now. It does not feel like work.

There’s not one day when I feel low or exhausted, I just come here, work, make you kids all the ice-cream you want, then go back home to my family of two loving children, and one wonderful husband – all of this only gives me immense happiness.

Yes, it is a struggle, it is hard work, it is tough to keep up with everything and still have a smile on my face, but that’s nothing compared to the love, pride and happiness I get working here, and that’s all that matters!”


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