Freshers’ Talent Hunt

Reports compiled by
– Kavyashree(I Year, B.A.English), Tanya Mary (I Year, B.A.English), Akchayaa (II Year, B.A.English), Elizabeth P. Varsha (III Year, B.A.English), ), Mercy Johny (III Year, B.A.English), Swathy V. Nambi (I Year,B.A.English ) Riya Nagendra (I Year, B.A.English) and Zenia Zuraiq (I year, Bsc. Physics)
-Image Source Stella Maris College website

The Fresher’s Talent Hunt, held on the 9th of August, drew a large crowd of eager freshers who were willing to showcase their talents to the rest of the college, to not just be recognised as novices, and they sure proved their skills. With the theme ‘Meals Ready’, all the events and teams were named after food, and the entertaining events had no dearth to the excitement that followed. Here’s a look at the events that were held:

Banana Split

Dance related events are the ones most looked forward to in any function. And they do not usually disappoint. This was true during the first two events, the first being Banana Split, which kept the audience lively and enthusiastic till the end.

Banana Split was the first on-stage event conducted in the OAT. It consisted of a pair of students separated by a screen on stage and made to dance. The dancers are expected to co-ordinate their prepared moves and steps. There were two teams per group (King Kebabs, Mafia Momos ,etc). The judge for the event was Jaffer Saddiq. The winning pair was Riya and Ramya from the Fine Arts dept., group King Kebabs, who performed a mix classical and semi-classical number. (Added bonus, they are twins!)

Let’s nacho

The next event was Let’s Nacho which was group dance, which was also conducted in the OAT. This event had only 1 team per group and each team had 8 minutes to perform a classical, folk and western piece. The tracks chosen by the teams were peppy and the audience enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The winning team was from the group Killer Kaapi and one of their members, Rutva Satish from the Economics dept. was announced as the best dancer.


   “Why are Pizzas so confusing? They are round in shape , come in square boxes and are eaten in triangles…” – This was one of the questions posed by the judge , Mr.Barath Balaji to a contestant.  The popular oratorical game ‘Shipwreck’ was tweaked to suit the theme for our Fresher’s Talent Hunt 2017-18 ‘Meals Ready’. The concept of Chipwreck is that the best restaurant in Chennai is running in loss . The chef has decided to serve his customers only one dish as their signature dish. Each participant will be given a dish and they have to play the role of the dish and explain why they have to be chosen and convince the chef to choose them. The contestants were given dishes like Chapati kurma , Curd rice, Biryani , Dosa , Pizza , Kaapi , Sandwich etc. The winners were Team Don Dosas.

Food Safari
 Food Safari (Channel Surfing) conducted at M-0-1 at 11.45 am. Each team was given around five minutes on stage and were asked to surf between channels like God TV, Al Jazeera, History Channel, and asked to switch to Gibberish, pause, rewind, etc.

The contestants were judged on spontaneity, creativity and teamwork. King Kebabs won the first place, followed by Killer Kappi and Mafia Momos.

Go Bananas!

This ad-zap event turned out to be absolutely ‘bananas’. The event started at 12.45 p.m in the conference hall of C-C block. Each team was given a product on the spot by the judges with one minute for preparation, after which they had to present their ad. The judges questioned them frequently to clear any ambiguities, but mostly for entertainment purposes so that the audience could have a good laugh. The contestants, however, responded with a fervor of sportsmanship. The products that were given for advertising were protein shake, dosa, vegetable beef, water flavoured juice, sandwich without any filling and edible lipstick. The winners were the team Boss Biryani followed by King Kebabs and Mafia Momos.


This event, a group song competition, was held at F-2-1. The groups had to sing a medley of songs belonging to genres classical music, western music and light music. Instruments were encouraged and marking was based on the selection of songs and synchronisation. Popular songs like ‘azhage’, ‘malarkal ketten’, Michelle Jackson’s ‘black or white’, Swift’s ‘love story’, ‘shape of you’, ‘ikthara’, ‘chinna chinna asai’ ,’kannathail mutham ittal’ ,were sung.The first prize was bagged by the team, Enthu cutlets, the runners up by Boss biriyani and the second runners up by Killer kappi.

The Buffet
This Potpourri event, consisting of Pictionary, Taboo, Dumb Charades and a One minute challenge sent the students scrambling their way to use their logic in a short span of time. With 4 members per team, this event held at M-2-1 was judged based on their knowledge as well as their skills.


The comic strip designing competition held as part of the Fresher’s Talent Hunt 2017 was immense fun. The teams gathered, ushered in by seniors from the Fine Arts department, and were given their topic – Food On Social Media. The teams immediately set to work, furiously drawing panels and brainstorming ideas. There were many interesting results, with different techniques and mediums used by each team. However in the end, the judges – teachers from the Fine Arts department – awarded the first prize to one of the teams from the group King Kebabs.

This cooking event held at the Common Room, required the participants to prepare one savoury and one sweet dish, without the use of preserved or processed food. The participants found it to be quite a tough task, but they churned out their very best nevertheless, with crispy snacks, lemon soda and many more. The winners were Enthu Cutlets – Team 1.

Hunger Games 

The treasure hunt contest The event started at 12.00 p.m in the green hut There were 8 clues in total, out of which the first was given to them at a starting point. All the clues were color-coded according to the colors assigned for each team. Each clue leads to a place in the campus, and some of them were : 1. Very popular breakfast crop – OAT 2. Platform 9 ¾  – Maggi station 3. Go here to burn some off those calories – Basketball court 4. ‘Soodana kappi(copy)’ – DTP 5. A shanti with 14 idlis and paneer dosa – Shanti Bhavan 6. Make the plate as pretty as the paintings – Fine Arts block 7. Time to fill your pockets to get more food – Bank 8. Learn to cook like Venkatesh Bhat through few guides – Library. The winners were Killer Kappi followed by Boss Biryani and Mafia Momos.

Say Cheese

This photography contest required the participants to send in their theme-based photos beforehand, while the second round was a task that was declared on the spot and, held at M-1-14, the photos were judged on the basis of adherence to theme and their creativity.

Coffee Tales

The Creative Writing event, held at M-1-1, required participants to write on food-based topics, yet again, with topics such as Garlic Breath and Midnight Feast. With an interesting turnout of entries ranging from vampires to ancient methods of cooking. The winning team was King Kebabs.

Maska Chaska 

The block and tackle event took place in M11, between 12:15 P.M and 1:15 P.M. The participants were expected to express both sides of a single issue, in the two minutes allotted to them. Judge Aditya Suri gave a wide range of quirky topics – pitting Gryffindor against Slytherin, asking whether Santa’s elves deserve minimum wage, debating whether or not grandparents must be allowed on social media, asking if breakfast is really the most important meal of the day, comparing Facebook and Instagram, and comparing Arts and Science streams. The first place was taken by the team Don Dosas, with Vrinda Venu of Sociology taking the win, followed by a second place win by Killer Kappi, courtesy of Vaishnavi from Economics, and a third place win by Zenia Zuraiq of the Physics department, belonging to the team Boss Biryani.


This quiz, with all questions revolving around food, required participants to have a thorough knowledge of cuisines and gastronomy, in general. Held at M-2-1, this event saw rapid fire rounds and eager participants waiting to provide their answers.

Bring Home The Bread

Encouraging the entrepreneurial side to every student, this event held outside the Union  Room required the five participants per team to make the maximum profit out of a given budget of Rs.100. Accounts of purchases and sales had to be furnished by the participants.

Seasoned Meme

What could be considered a hobby for many, soon became a contest for this programme as the participants were required to send in their memes beforehand, and were judged based on creativity and clean humor.


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