Shades of Nature

A Look at this Year’s Wall Paintings in Stella

Sreenidhi Venkat, III Year B. A. English.

The Stella Maris compound wall got a fresh coat of paint upon it! Out with the old and in with new! Here’s what the students from the department of Fine Arts (Third Year) have to say about it.

“Most of us haven’t painted anything this big before. Painting on a large scale is not something we do often,” says Roshni Kumaravel. She also added that the college collaborated with Gallery Veda for this project and hence it has taken on a larger scale. There are 30 panels which include 15 murals and 15 quotations about nature. “The wall gets re-painted every four years. I think it’s done that way also so that each batch gets it turn to paint it,” adds Bianca Joseph.

The paintings revolve around the theme ‘Hope for the World’, focussing on the beauty of nature and the destruction on it caused by mankind. Rhea Fabian added, “There are panels featuring Cyclone Vardah and the Chennai floods. The idea is to use simple visual messages to sensitise the public on the importance of protecting the environment we live in.”

“It is traditional folk art,” said Bianca. “We hadn’t done any artwork using this style before so I enjoyed learning it. It’s a lot of detailed work.” All were also of the view that any artistic experience is worth having and Rhea also added that this project, being the biggest she has worked on, taught her how to work with a large number of people. “It teaches us how to accommodate a large number of people without compromising on uniformity,” she explains.

    The painting began two weeks ago and was completed last Monday, the 20th of March. “Do take a look,” Bianca urged. “Everyone who volunteered has put in their best and we hope the end result is satisfactory.” Well, it looks great to me! The Fine Arts Department certainly has done their best. Do take a take a look for yourself!


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