Note to the Editor

Mathangi N.M., II Year B. A. English and Uma Madhu, II Year B. A. English.

Dear Editor,

Having a fun person to work under is on the rarities-that-life-offers-you list. It’s the sort of thing we’ve come to expect, especially when it comes to editors, with that metaphorical sword of unrealistic expectations and pressing deadlines raised high over our pliant helpless heads.

But Rochana, you were an exception to every rule. You didn’t just present us with a platform for good reporting but was a constant happy cloud encouraging us after every issue. Thank you for thanking us and telling us we were essential to this unit called Stellaeidoscope.

In fact, thank you for bringing Stellaeidoscope back to life. Thank you for breathing your passion into it, making it something special, something palpable, something we are proud to be a part of.

You stopped us in hallways and said hello, you told us we were doing an amazing job, you commended and appreciated the tiniest bit of effort. You made us feel like what we were writing was worth something. You made us want to do more. To do better.

Oh, and the energy. The work and the love you put into every single issue. I used to think of editors as poised over words on a chopping board going chop chop chop at everything they find displeasing. But you set our words free and let them fly and thereby, you gave us a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

And finally, thank you for the endless jokes, the never ending stream of satire and sarcasm that made working with you all the more pleasurable. We are going to miss working with you, Rochana. We hope, from this year to the next, we can carry on what you’ve done and keep Stellaeidoscope special.

It was truly an honour to be your reporters. Thank you for giving us that privilege.


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