Dalia N., III Year B. A. English.

It is that time of the year when you run the tears off your cheek as you look at the class that you would not return to or make plans to find loopholes within the rigid framework to get away with things next year. Nonetheless it is the time for goodbyes, to things that are going to change, to things that are going to be frozen in memories and to the people who made you who you are. For those of you who still have the sand quietly settling down at the bottom of the hourglass, negotiate with constraints that can’t be broken down, break shackles that are meant to be broken, no one can stop you from having fun. For those of you who are out of time, you just started on a road trip so rev up your engines and listen to “X Ambassador’s Renegades” or “Coldplay.” You are now free and the sky is yours, yes it is wide and limitless, but don’t forget you have wings, there is no stopping you.

Well, how to go about making this parting less melancholic than what it already is? “You have to let go” they would say, they who have passed all these instances and own nothing but corroding memories. How would they remember the gnawing feeling that comes when we have to say goodbye a few days after we said an awkward ‘hi’ and made a serious effort to know someone?

It seems like it was yesterday when we prayed for school to be over to begin the much celebrated college life. What now?

College life is coming to an end. Of course there is a new beginning waiting at the end, but are we ready to let go? Yes, we do not have the choice to cling on to this solace offered by the three years that just fled like ripples in a still pond. We have to buck up to face the big bad world with golden specks of goodness scattered through the darkness.

Don’t moan in disappointment because this farewell has given us hope, a certain strength that would push us forward when we can’t go any further. We have memories, we have hands to lift us up, but most of all we have the lessons from whatever good or bad that has happened in these three years, experiences that tell us to keep going on.

Friends, fights, exams, fears, breakdowns, ecstasy are not disappearing. They are just taking different forms as you metamorphose. You walked all the way from your home to the shore to see the distant horizon. It is time to let go of the shore and sail through the endless seas chasing after our dreams.

I neither know how to say goodbye to things that were your support nor do I hold a less painful method to bid adieu to those you love. But I know that it is time to say ‘Thank you’ and ‘Sorry’ for there are no more second chances; it is time to make peace and amend; it is time to shed our fears; it is time to stand up; it is time to search for your true self and become who you were meant to be. It is time to gear up for the never fading excitement provided by our unpredictable life. It is time to start a new beginning.

Farewell, my friends. It is a whole new world for a brand new you, to explore and learn. Your college life, your soon to be recent past along with history would be your guide, your mentor, your elixir of herculean strength and your reason to smile, when life becomes difficult. All the best.

P.S.: If I ever come across a time machine, I will send word.