College Day Celebrated by Honouring Students

Mercy Johny, II Year B. A. English

As the academic year 2016-2017 is slowly drawing to a close, the 70th college day was yet another day of celebration at Stella Maris College on the 4th of April. Parents and friends trickled in, hoping for some respite from the heat, but nevertheless looking forward to watch the program. The day began with the Invocation and the prayer song then proceeded to the presentation of the Annual Report by the Principal, Dr. Sr. Jasintha Quadras, the main highlight being the extension of the status of autonomy and the praise that the college received for its various programmes, especially the introduction of the research programs as well as alternative courses for students.

The report also highlighted the different achievements of the college, ranging from the activities of the NCC and NSS students to disabled students succeeding in their very own way. The teachers were also praised for their work in different areas of research and work. The workshops and programs held within campus were also mentioned, and a special initiative that was spoken about was the Changemaker Initiative which was introduced during this academic year.

Overall, the awards and the introduction of several programs were the main focus of this report as the Principal concluded and, ensuing this, the retiring staff were brought on stage, as 9 teachers were felicitated for their dedicated work and contributions toward the betterment of the college.

The Chief Guest presiding over the function, Shri. Ashok Sajjanhar, former IFS officer, took the opportunity to  emphasise women’s empowerment and education. This was followed by the prize distribution for students who had received proficiency awards and the cultural programmes following this sparked the interest within the audience as they watched the performances by different clubs in awe.  Finally, to bring the program to a close, the college song and national anthem were sung as each student departed with a sense of pride and happiness.

[Photograph Source: Stella Maris College Official Website.]


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