Club of the Month: Event Management Club

In conversation with the office bearers, Lavanya John, Immaculate Trishia Santhus and Vridhi Khanna.

Shakthi Bharathi, III Year B. A. English.

Whether it’s enjoying a plate of steaming bajjis or cheering passionate OAT performances on, celebration injects vibrancy into the monochromes of college life. But how many of us spare a thought for the faces behind the glitz? As the key players in the organisation of almost every function on campus—from the memorable Chennai-86, Rewind 90’s and first ever Horizon to the lesser known Non-Teaching Staff Day and Project Woods—the EMC is the poster club for dedication.

Their eclectic roster of duties is undertaken by various committees—be it the snazzy backdrops whipped up by the décor kids or the design squad’s innovative, often meme-based promotional content. They have a creative team that brainstorms thematic ideas, a division dedicated to sponsorship and funding, and more. This well-oiled functioning is no easy feat.

“With over seven hundred members we’re the most populous club but only a fixed group is active. The others rarely turn up, either because they lack enthusiasm or aren’t keen on sacrificing their time,” reveals the Secretary/Treasurer, Trishia.

President Lavanya John, says, “Another huge problem—and I’m sure it’s the same everywhere—is that people back out at the last minute and we’re left scrambling for replacements. It’s a nightmare.” She goes on to talk about the coaxing and cajoling involved in getting procrastinators to cooperate.

In light of their strength and the necessity of constant communication, the office bearers are all praise for social media. The EMC has several WhatsApp groups filled with event heads, registration heads and volunteers. Unlike most clubs which have a clear majority of one shift over another, the EMC’s network is spread out indiscriminately. Thus, timings are often tricky to negotiate and not everyone can afford to attend the meetings in person. Online, they’re kept in the loop with a smooth exchange of information.

It is the EMC’s unbridled passion for their craft that keeps them fuelled through these obstacles. “It’s so much fun putting together events, running around and getting things done. There’s definitely a case of the jitters every time an event begins but seeing your efforts come to fruition… there’s nothing more satisfying,” says Lavanya.

Trishia adds, “One thing the club gives you that’s unparalleled, is the vast amount of people you get to meet and interact with. Because the EMC has roots within all departments I’ve made friends with those I wouldn’t have had the chance to know otherwise and that’s amazing.”

This year, the EMC added traffic and crowd control to its list of achievements. A common issue during functions is the audience’s blatant disrespect for the entertainers. People walk out in the middle of dances or songs, generate little response and often don’t bother giving these guys a chance. The EMC might not be able to change the latter two but they ensure that the crowd is kept attentive enough to not distract those on stage.

Another new laurel on the lapel of this club is their involvement in the creation of promo videos for various events, particularly by Trishia who is quite proficient at video editing. They’re the Student’s Union’s staunchest helpers and as M. H. Monica, Cultural Secretary Shift I, says, “a constant source of support whose assistance we’re grateful for.”

[Photograph Source: John Lavanya]


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