Stella’s First Club Day!

Mathangi M. H., II Year B. A. English.

Horizon 2017, Stella’s first club day, was celebrated on the 25th of February and was one of the most awaited events organised on campus. The President of the Student Union, Catherine Saranya, began with the welcome and invited the college choir on stage to sing the prayer song. Following that, the welcome address was delivered by Monica M. H., Cultural Secretary of Shift I after which Horizon 2017 was declared open by Sr. Principal. Most of the clubs put up brilliant performances for the audience. The Stellaeidoscope sold copies of their issue while the Dramatics Club staged a play at F 2-1. Most of the clubs also organised various workshops conducted by professionals in their respective fields. Amidst the happening atmosphere, the students danced to the tunes of DJ. Overall, it was a much-needed break for Stella Marians.

[Photograph Source: Stella Maris Students Union Facebook Page.]