NSS and YRC Day Celebrations

Dalia N., III Year B. A English.

On February 21, 2017 the NSS and YRC units of Stella Maris College celebrated the achievements of its volunteers and its founding. The entire student body gathered at the OAT to take part in the celebration which also made non-members aware of the quantum of work done by the NSS and YRC units. The event started with a prayer song rendered by the Western Music Club, followed by a prayer delivered by our Secretary, Sister Susan. The welcome address was delivered by Dr. Sr. Principal Jacinta Quadras and the Annual Report was delivered by the NSS and YRC unit’s coordinator Dr. Nirmala Alex. The event was presided over by Dr. Amuthavalli , IAS, Director of Social Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu, and Ms. Dr. J. Jayalakshmi,  Joint Director of Social Welfare, Tamil Nadu. Senior volunteers were awarded in appreciation of the service rendered to the society. Dr. Amuthavalli addressed the gathering about the kind of work done by the Social Welfare Board of Tamil Nadu and explained their schemes. Her address was followed by a question and answer session, in which she clarified doubts. This was followed by a cultural programme that was a culmination of the various styles of dances and songs of Tamil Nadu, performed by Stella Marians who were trained by professional artists. The event ended with the College Song and National Anthem. Food stalls and stalls which helped women entrepreneurs were set up in the college campus.

[Photograph Source: Benitto Amirthem]


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