Game Review: Pokemon Sun and Moon

Rochana Mohan, III Year B. A. English.


The first Pokemon console release after the phenomenon that was Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sun and Moon had to meet the towering standards of being the best console release till date. With new fans entering the franchise and retired fans deciding to return, Pokemon Sun and Moon had to balance innovation with simplicity. Well, does it succeed?

The overwhelming response to that question, coming from a fan of the franchise for the past 17 years, is a yes. Pokemon Sun and Moon met all the exacting standards of the hard-core fans, achieved the simplicity needed for newer fans, all while reminding the older fans that you had to ‘Catch ‘Em All’. Oh, but I will most certainly go into great detail.

With each new game comes in a slew of new Pokemon. Now that we’re on 801 Pokemon in total, it does get rather difficult to keep up. However, unlike in Pokemon Black and White, Pokemon Sun and Moon brings in newer Pokemon designs that are not only simplistic but also memorable. Crowd favourites include Rowlet, Litten, Oricorio, Mudsdale and my personal favourite, the adorable puppy Pokemon Rockruff.

The graphics have advanced greatly from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Comparing the two games, the design models for all characters have vastly improved. The diagonal movement allows for realistic exploring, and the new style allows for little details to be noticed. The in-battle designs have improved greatly, with newer animation designs and models bringing out little nuances in the game – Lusamine’s Pokemon have angry expressions on their faces when you battle them.

The plots of Pokemon games have been very predictable in the past. This time, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company tried to show the development of character and more unique characters are presented in a different manner. The character of Lillie is most impressive – she grows and matures from a terrified, mysterious girl to a confident, brave young lady.

The addition of Trials rather than Gym Battles was a stroke of genius. It brings innovation to the usual Pokemon game for the older fans without removing the quintessential element of collecting the Gym Badges –in this case Z-Crystals – from the game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon was a game I was itching to play – only to want to play it again. It made the Alola Region feel like a living breathing new environment that was fresh with strife, strange new creatures, and adventures. This hard-core fan is excited to see what The Pokemon Company has in store in the future.

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