And Then What?

Medha Kinger,  III Year B. Comm.

“Beta, what are you planning to do after college?”

Plan your funeral.

This is exactly what you wanted to say to the aunties and uncles who torment you with the worst question that should be asked to a college student.

Waiting for college to get over – because well it’s college – but not waiting for it to get over because you will have to decide what you want to do next?  Envy the cousin/friend who’s got his/her career sorted? Work after college or study further or just get married and chill (for girls it’s actually an option given by many parents)?  Do I like this career option or love this career option? What is my yeh jawani hai deewani Kabir Thapar type passion?

If these are the questions that are circling in your mind well then you’re reading the right article!

This article however (sorry to disappoint you!) is not going to give you a list of career options for you to choose from. It’s, on the other hand, going to help you deal with the existing queries regarding your future that make you worry all day and all night.

Firstly, let’s face the fact that marriage is out of question. We are strong independent women building a career because a career won’t ditch you but a man will. (Okay, go ahead and facepalm!)

Pro tip and a mantra that everybody should always chant while making his/her decision is: what you are today, you may or may not be that person in the near future.

No matter what you choose as a career path today, you may or may not be pursuing it later in life. (Even engineers end up doing a management job after college!) A chartered accountant may decide to quit the daily routine and travel the whole world. A doctor may want to start a bakery. This is the age where one can explore and experience various fields. Why stick to one line of thought when you can experience so many? It is not the end of the world if you don’t like a course you are stuck with. Try something else and do what you love to do. Often one gets this fear of failing/losing. If one doesn’t pursue what they want to, how will one know if they’ve failed or passed? Unless one thinks he/she is Nostradamus and can predict his/her future.

College is a place where all of us are in the same boat. None of us know what we exactly want from life (if you do, hats off and all the best, you’re very lucky!). It is twisted to expect a 19-year-old to make life decisions when she still has to ask for permission to use the restroom. But then that’s life. It’s not easy.

Give a confident smile to anyone who asks you about your future and say I haven’t decided yet. You’re not alone. Be proud about accepting you’re cluelessness. Continue talking to kids to get a few potential career options. Till then keep exploring different avenues of interest that excite you. Try everything you love doing. If you are worried about what your parents or the world will think about you please watch 3 Idiots once again. Sometimes, it’s good to leave some questions (“and then what?”) unanswered (like the ones we leave unanswered in most of our answer papers).

Till then, love and live your three year stay at college to the fullest because during this period you always have time!

[Photograph Source: Google Images]


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