A Single Valentine’s Day

Mathangi N. M., II Year B. A. English.

It is no new thing that the “V” Day faces enough criticism and hate for existing only for couples. Hollywood releases ten romantic comedies and host shows invite speakers to speak on Valentine’s Day. Twitter, Facebook and every other social networking platform overflows with romantic Valentine’s Day statuses and updates and too many heart balloons are hung around in stores and public places. And amidst this day of romance and love, you find singles across the world grumbling:  a day of love is to be celebrated with everybody and everything.

And year after year, despite this widespread dispute amongst the masses, Valentine’s Day continues to be hailed for its Romantic Element. And similarly, year after year, one reads stories of singles around the world celebrating Valentine’s Day in the most unconventional of ways that sound just as exciting and fun as the usual “let’s catch a movie for Valentine’s Day.”

After having read an article on weird Valentine’s Traditions around the world, I listed out five things that I would do on Valentine’s Day that had no affiliation to the notion of romance. And to tell the truth, it was not a bad idea at all. Now, if you would stick with me, I will run you through my to-do list of this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Binging on Horror Movies.

The frustrating thing about Valentine’s is that you get to watch nothing apart from rom-coms on any television programme. And the frustrating thing with people like me who do not have a Valentine’s tradition, is that we want to watch everything apart from rom-coms on that day, specifically. So I resorted to our good old pal, the internet and binge watched three horror movies back to back. Far away from romance as possible. Now, do not get me wrong. I have nothing against romance and put this on my list for the sole purpose of breaking conventions. And who knows, I might end up watching rom-coms on Halloween too.

  1. Buy yourself food.

As the popular saying goes, “If you cannot love yourself, you cannot expect others to love you.” I, being a strong believer of that statement, decided to spoil one of the people I love on Valentine’s Day: Me. So I walked myself to the supermarket and bought a box of candy and ate them all by myself. Except for the few that I reluctantly agreed to lend to my sister. Spoiling myself was a good choice. And on the day of love, why not do it?

  1. A family meal.

As corny as it sounds, nothing else matters like family does. And if on every other day, we have our differences and quarrels over whose turn it is to do laundry, this one day is an exception. Yes, my parents were surprised when I suggested having dinner. Yes, we were the only family of four in a restaurant filled with couples. But, we had a good time. For once, the laundry and the dishes piling up in the sink were out of our minds. And was replaced with good old family banter.

  1. Read a book.

Reading is the very core of my existence or so I like to exaggerate. So how can I not put that on the list? I spent three hours with a book, well into the night on Valentine’s and when I finally slept, I was content. And having suffered from a reader’s block for a while, it was a relief to be able to read a book for a stretch of time. If any other sort of art gives you this comfort, maybe everyone should put that on their to-do list for Valentine’s Day too.

  1. Give love.

Of all the things on the list so far, this was the easiest to do. And the most important. So tapping into the single’s ideology of celebrating Valentine’s Day as a day of love and not romantic love, I dispensed, as much as possible, my definition of love: HUGS. I hugged everyone at home and hugged people in college whom I don’t usually hug very often. I even braved my fear and patted the loyal Labrador that unofficially belongs to our street. I visited my grandparents and spent fifty full minutes having a discussion with my grandmother on the best way to make molaga bajji.

It was quite a day, one that has been immortalised through my diary. Since this non-romantic to-do list worked out well enough for me, I have strong intentions of upholding this in the years to come and thus, creating a tradition.

[Photograph Source: Her Campus]


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