Treading Towards a Better Society: The Change Maker Initiative

Gowri S, III Year B. A. English

The Student’s Union has been sticking to their motto for the academic year, “CREATE. CONNECT. CHANGE”, as seen in their impressive and widely accepted venture, the Change Maker Initiative. The Change Maker initiative was started by the Student’s Union to instigate students to come up with ideas that will create an impact on the society at large. It is probably one of the first attempts by the students at creating ripples and paving the way to a change in the society through initially impacting a smaller demographic, that being the college.

The Change Maker Initiative encouraged the students to come up with ideas that are feasible for implementation initially within the college, which could later prove effective as stepping stones to improve the society on a larger scale. Entries were invited from the students and were subjected to a selection process helmed by the Student Deans and the Vice Principals. Following the filtering process, 10 entries were chosen for the second round wherein the selected candidates were asked to present their ideas, how they plan to implement them and the estimated cost for the same on October 6th at F 2-1. From the final 10 entries, 3 students were chosen as the winners of the Change Maker Initiative.

According to M.H. Monica, Cultural Secretary (Shift I), “Hopefully, we’ll see a lot of change especially in the students’ attitude by the end of the year and that is the aim. The responses from the students were overwhelming and the members of the faculty have been very supportive right from the beginning. We initially had over 21 entries from which 3 change makers were finally chosen.” The winners are currently working on the process of implementation. The Union’s primary goal was to help the students realise the importance of giving back to the society through creating a change and according to Monica, this endeavour has proved to be effective in that respect. For instance, the campaign to make the campus litter-free is still actively carried on and is well on its way to reaching fruition. The Union is also planning to concentrate on providing awareness regarding energy conservation in the months to come.

Dhipthi Donna, one of the 3 change makers who were selected from the second round is ecstatic about her project, which is likely to be implemented by the second week of February. A first year undergraduate student from the Department of English, Dhipthi said, “The Change Maker initiative is a very nice platform for students like me who have always wanted to see some change in the society. The fact that such a huge project could be put to effect with the involvement of the Union and the faculty is in itself very huge”. Her project focused on the introduction of edible spoons in the campus to replace used plastic spoons. She dreams about an eco-friendly and a completely litter-free campus and her project is designed to instill the habit in students to bring their own spoons from home.

The Change Maker initiative was an innovative move from the Union’s side which brought together the student body to achieve greater goals in the most fun and exciting manner. With the contribution of the faculty and the Union, the change makers are well on their way to create noticeable changes in the college which would hopefully be reflected in a larger scale in the offing.

[Photo Source: Stella Maris College Student’s Union Facebook Page]


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