The Inner Goddess Academy

Connect to your Inner Goddess

Akhila Nambiar, III Year B. A. English.

Women empowerment has become a topic of great importance among the present generation, for a variety of reasons. Quite often it is seen that a lot of organizations are formed solely with this idea of giving women a space to be free and happy. One such organization that started off recently, and has a lot of youngsters volunteering to help propel their aim forward, is The Inner Goddess Academy. It functions as a group of ten people who work towards inspiring women to discover themselves, fulfill their potential and pursue their dreams and passion.

An initiative that started around May 2016, The Inner Goddess Academy focuses on women’s leadership development through customized experience management. Founded by Anannya Parekh, who calls the start-up her “brain child”, and co-founded by Kavya Tadakaluri, the group primarily aims to inspire the women who reach out to them, through various creative outlets, workshops and moving sessions. They help connect these women to the outside world where they are introduced to mentors and have access to different forums to showcase their talent and passion. On a deeper level, The Inner Goddess Academy enables women to access their inner self and learn to accept themselves for who they are.

The reason behind the development of this far-reaching project was due to the countless problems women face, be it major or minor issues, in their daily lives. For instance, despite the gender uniformity in the field of education, a lot of women are compelled to fight gross sexism and face blatant discrimination in the society they live in. Therefore, the Inner Goddess Academy strives to minimalize this gender gap and scout the country for talent once they gain enough recognition.

The executions of these ideas are done by outsourcing them to various people and investors who would help accelerate the initiative taken by the organization. This is done to ensure that women, specifically between the ages of 17 and 29, get the opportunity to experience or take up any form of leadership position with respect to the field they have a passion in and build something that they can call their own. The team at Inner Goddess has built “personalized holistic platforms” where people will be able to accomplish their potential and train themselves with the essential tools required to be at the top of the innovation scale. The members of the organization are subjected to a one-on-one session with the growing network of inspiring mentors who teach them how to go about achieving their goals. Moreover, the academy follows the motto “Inspiration, Connection and Action” which, in a way, speaks for itself.

Since the core committee of the organization comprises of a lot of college students, they decided to put up a stall to promote the academy at a cultural event held at Stella Maris College on 17th September. At the stall, the girls sold badges that had powerful slogans written on them, such as “Girl Boss”, “#SLAY” and “Flawless” which many students were able to relate to. Along with badges, the stall also had fun, motivational posters that sold out pretty quickly.

Talking to Aparna Krishnan, the Chief Operations Operator who works for Customer Experience at the organization, she says “What we do at Customer Experience is guarantee that our clients’ journey with us is extremely beautiful! The kinds of sessions that we conduct are solely for the purpose of ensuring that they learn; that they are able to grow and motivate themselves to do better”.

The Inner Goddess Academy seeks to make the society a better place for women who are looking for avenues to express themselves, achieve their dreams and reach the different goals they set. A question that is often asked is “Why are there less number of women leaders in the world?” and “What can we do to change that?” For most of the girls at Inner Goddess, this is a notion that they strongly believe in.

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