Manali: Nature Bound and Beyond

Medha Kinger, III Year B. Commerce.

Trekking has always been on one’s bucket list, amidst nature and away from technology – the best combination in today’s world. Compared to all the kinds of trips a person can take, trekking is the most tedious and yet the most satisfying. I decided to tag along with 29 other people to explore the beauty of Solang Valley, in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, and this seven day trip taught me lessons my nineteen years couldn’t.

The journey to the valley was very picturesque, with mountain valleys, small districts, greyish rocks and tiny bridges across the rivers that looked like an adventure in themselves. At a pit stop, we all couldn’t help but dig into a bowl of Maggi. One thing the mountains make you realise is that Maggi is soul food. We arrived at Solang on the 25th of December. We celebrated Christmas with local kids. They were so content on seeing the Christmas tree. In the city we almost forget to enjoy the little things life has to offer!

The next day, we headed out on a date with nature, the valley abundant with small rivers, tiny bridges, tall trees, local people and their bright smiles, mules walking around us and steep pathways. We were getting used to everything and breathing the fresh air. The view from the top was breath-taking, encompassing the snow-capped mountains and the entire valley. We then headed towards the Solang waterfall with its jaw-dropping permanent rainbow, which we couldn’t take our eyes off. The view was worth every time I felt I was going to fall.

On the last day we trekked to Mount Patalsu. We walked for approximately 9 kilometres, reaching almost 10,000 feet above sea level. This day tested one’s mental strength too. There was a base camp set up for us at one point. Some could stop there and return. We also had an enthusiastic lot who went further ahead to reach a part of the peak. More than the view, the sense of satisfaction of reaching that height was what made lunch that day tastier.

Self-realisation amidst nature has its own beauty. Trips like this can definitely change one’s perspective regarding various issues. The mountains can humble a person. One also realises the value of life and resources. This is not something to be shared but felt. The mental and physical strength required for a trek will make you discover a lot of things about yourself. Once you’re back you will definitely feel a change.


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