Note From The Editor

I’d like to welcome our readers back to another issue and another semester! After our break, it’s nice to come back to college and enjoy the scenery once again.

It has been a year since the Chennai Floods. With some speculation of there being some heavy rains around this month, we at the Stellaeidoscope ask all of our reader to please exercise caution and look out for each other. Our solidarity has never, and will never, change.

Our issue this month is centered around Environmentalism. Our relationship with the environment is of utmost importance, made more crucial in the recent years. We have a lovely opinion piece written by Srishti S, the President of the Debate Club, on Trump’s thoughts on Global Warming. The Club of the Month is none other than the evergreen Enviro Club, and they speak to us about their efforts this year. In addition to these, we have a unique travelogue on Tokyo and a piece on the The Blue Cross. Another piece that may strike your fancy is that on the recent demonitisation. Our reporters have spoken to several students on campus on how it has affected them.

We would like to thank our faculty advisor, Ms. Ishleen, for all her support and guidance. We would also like to heartily thank Ms. Sayujya from the English Department for assisting us this month.


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