Movie Review: Wall-E

Wall-E Gives Us Another Reason To Prove We All Are Daft

Dalia N., III Year B. A. English

“Out there, there’s a world outside the Yonkers, way out there beyond this hick town, Barnaby…” Barbra Streisand’s voice invites the audience to see a somewhat dirty Earth, a planet much different from the blue orb we are familiar with. The camera zooms in and we see uneven silhouettes of what seem like hills.  Andrew Stanton’s Wall-E shows a future that is entirely possible, excluding the part where humans survive. Well, he made the movie in 2008 and the future of the human race was much better then. Presently we are looking at possible end to the gory glory we have unleashed upon the universe.

It is the year 2805 and roughly 700 hundred years ago they had deemed the world unfit for life because they couldn’t find space for waste. So they moved to the “space” (the cold, dark and vast expanse in which the Earth is a speck of dust) in Axiom, built by Buy n Large (BnL). The Earth they leave is filled with literal filth, unlike the figurative filth that adores the world we belong to. The humans who left in the spaceship hoped to return to Earth, when the robots had cleaned it up. However down in our abandoned and damaged little home, a cute service robot does his duty. He is WALL-E. WALL-E stands for Waste Allocation Loader – Earth Class, it was commissioned by BnL for “Operation Clean Up.”

The admirable thing about the movie is that no one speaks for a long time, so when we meet humans towards the end, we are shocked to see and hear our own species. We favour the robots and scorn our own kind. Wall-E himself has minimal dialogue that ranges from squeaky curiosity to an emphasised version of his name, until Eve appears. He falls in love with this robot immediately and becomes an anthropomorphic robot. In a world governed by reason, we should have fled when we knew that the robot was behaving like a human being. Instead we remain glued to our seats watching Eve giggle as Wall-E’s pet cockroach plays with her and we sigh when Wall-E backs off every time he tries to tell her that he is in love with her.

Eve shuts down as she finds a plant on Earth and her reconnaissance mission comes to an end with that. Wall-E travels to Axiom, where MO-4 is shocked upon knowing that Wall-E is 100% foreign contaminant. Wall-E watches in confusion the hover chairs going about in tandem and one of the red suited things fall off from the chair. It is a human, a giant mass of flesh with nearly a non-existent neck and stubby hands. All the humans go past him, and it is Wall-E who helps him.

The humans have been fed with some liquefied food and they haven’t left their hover chairs at all since their birth. They have a screen in front of them, a virtual head gear that keeps them oblivious to the world. There, they have a virtual barrier that keeps them unaware of those beside them, and here we consciously avert our eyes from those who are in need. Wall-E beautifully captures the change the human race is going through, a transformation that is distancing us from those values that make us essentially human.

There is of course AUTO, the one who has been guiding all the captains, he who is offhandedly the supreme commander. Consequently he arbitrarily decides what is good for his people, and his choice is to avoid going back to Earth. Of course humans fight to go and rejuvenate their ancestral planet. But we are not excited about them restoring Earth, we are excited about Wall-E and Eve. That’s the problem with us.

The movie is an earnest social satire, telling us that we are forgetting our place in the universe and it smartly delivers the stupidity that has infected our race. What do we do when the credits come? We go about like we have nothing to do with climate change and declare that love trespasses all frontiers.

[Photograph Source: Internet]


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