Top 5 Indie Bands in Chennai

Roshini Kumaravel, III Year B. V. A. Fine Arts

Music has always been a vital part of Chennai culture. Every Chennai-ite has heard a Carnatic singer render songs with absolute divinity. Every Chennai-ite has been a part of a crowd that went absolutely insane after listening to the opening notes of a hit song from a Rajnikanth movie. This city we call home is a melting pot of cultures, and the music scene here is so quintessentially Chennai. However, we often forget that the music here isn’t just Carnatic or from movies. Chennai is also home to many amazing independent musicians and bands, many of them claiming fame all across the country and even internationally.


Here are my top 5 picks of Chennai-based indie bands.


Junkyard Groove:


This is a very obvious pick, considering Junkyard Groove is arguably one of the biggest alternative bands in this country. The members of the band are each influenced by a wide variety of genres, bringing something different to the table, thus giving the band a unique style. Since their inception, they’ve added so many feathers to their cap, including an opening act at the ‘Desert Rock Festival’ at Dubai in 2007, for the likes of musicians such as Incubus and Robert Plant.


Grey Shack:


With deep vocals and bluesy guitar riffs that you could get lost in, this band is one you should definitely check out if you’re a fan of hard rock.


Adam & the Fish Eyed Poets:


The recording project of singer/songwriter/multi-instumentalist Kishore Krishna, A&tFEP’s musical style is very adrenaline-filled, recklessly trippy and bold. Their latest release ‘More songs from an island’ is a follow up to their critically acclaimed ‘Songs from an island’ which was released in 2012.


83 MPH:


Influenced by the music of Pink Floyd, Muse, Dream Theatre, Aerosmith, Porcupine Tree and the likes, this progressive rock band has won most of the music competitions they’ve performed in. Since then, they’ve opened for the French-Canadian rock band Simple Plan as well as Swedish band Vildhjarta.


The F16s:


This indie dance/punk band is a must-listen for fans of Young the Giant and Arctic Monkeys. The F16s have played in some of the biggest music festivals in India, including NH7 Weekender. Their latest album ‘Triggerpunkte’ is sure to be played on loop indefinitely.

[Photograph Source: Junkyard Groove Facebook Page]


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