Theatricals Semi-Finals: Theatre and Tricks

Nikita Pinto, III Year B.A. English

Tamil Nadu students take to the stage at the semi-finals of Theatricals 2016, the first-ever intercollegiate theatre festival.

“Theatre embodies the person that you are. To have fun on stage is the most important thing,” said Abhishek Joseph, one of the three judges for the ‘Theatricals 2016’ semi-finals, held at Stella Maris College, Chennai on October 2, 2016. The event is the first inter-collegiate drama festival presented by Evam Theatricals in collaboration with Stella Maris College’s Dramatics Club – ‘The Stella Players.’

Eight colleges from all over Tamil Nadu participated in the competition, including Srimad Andavan, Anna University, Ethiraj College for Women, IIT- Madras, SRM Engineering and Technology, SRM Eashwari College, Loyola College and R.K.M Vivekananda College. Trailers of the 10-minute plays were played for the audience, followed by the enactment of the plays in Tamil and English. A panel of three judges adjudicated the event: Dr Padma V Mckertich who serves as the faculty advisor to Stella Players, Mr John Pradeep, a professional mime artist from Happy Cow, and Mr Abhishek Joseph, an Improv Artist, actor and Theatre performer.

The intercollegiate theatre festival began with Phase One, which involved the submission of 10-minute scripts by various colleges in the state. Phase Two consisted of the performance of the selected scripts at the Semi-Finals, held at SMC. Phase Three will involve the performance of the nominated finalists at the Grand Finale, culminating with a Rs 25,000 cash prize for the winners on October 9, 2016.

Six finalists out of the eight were chosen for the Finals at Alliance Française Madras. The teams who made it to the finals were IIT- Madras, Srimad Andavan, Anna University, SRM Engineering and Technology, SRM Eashwari College and R.K.M Vivekananda College.  Srimad Andavan received a special mention for their incredible performance which was met with a standing ovation from the audience.

The participants enacted their scripts with a lot of passion and demonstrated team spirit, affirming the ideal posted on the Evam Theatricals’ Facebook page, “A character on stage is the product of a director’s instructions, actor’s interpretation, costume designer’s creativity, script writer’s instinct, lighting crew’s talent and the makeup artist’s soul. They are not born for the stage; they are created for it.”


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