Note From The Editor

It seems as though we’ve got the that point of the year where it’s raining all the time, the weather is gloomy much like we are during the exams and everyone is falling sick. Bleak beginnings aside, this month felt a little like the weather – confused and dreary. We had planned a much larger issue this month, but were unable to execute it due to our workloads. We are working to bring it to you next month, so stay tuned!

Rewind 90s is the theme of our issue this month. We’ve traced a few iconic movies, sitcoms and cartoons of the generations – namely FRIENDS, the original Batman trilogy and the evergreen Calvin and Hobbes – for you to recall and fall into waves of nostalgia.

In other rather stressing news, our Chief Minister seems to have taken ill. Our proximity to her residence taken into consideration, we at the Stellaeidoscope ask you to be safe and take the appropriate precautions while traveling. We hope the Chief Minister a speedy recovery!

Once again, we’d like to thank the SMC Photography Club for their continuous support. We’d like to thank Ms. Ishleen, our faculty advisor, for her patience and guidance.

Thank you all!

Rochana Mohan, Editor-in-Chief and Jerusha Jose, Assistant Editor.


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