Movie Review: 12 Angry Men

One man’s life on the line.
12 Men.
They smoke, they sweat, they swear, they sprawl, they stalk, and they get ANGRY!

Pooja Krishna, II B.A. English Literature.

‘12 Angry Men’ dazzles us with its simplicity, clarity and straight-forwardness. What begins (seemingly) as a simple courtroom drama evolves into so much more as personalities are revealed, secrets are uncovered and opinions are made known.

A young man has been accused of murdering his own father with a switchblade knife. This is the case. When 11 out of the 12 jurors are convinced that the man is guilty, it is up to the lone juror voting ‘not guilty’ to make the others see reason.

The film is a beautiful play on the American judicial system. A person can be charged with a crime only if the jurors find, unanimously and beyond a reasonable doubt, that he/she is guilty. Watch the movie to find out how Juror Number 8 slowly, but surely, proves to the others that there is, in fact, a reasonable doubt, and sways the room with his clear-cut arguments, innovative thinking and simple confidence in his beliefs.

This film is a rare gem that graces us with its presence every now and then. Movies like 12 Angry Men, which have no masala whatsoever, are becoming increasingly rare in today’s world, where a movie is rated based on the number of ‘hit’ songs (in the case of Indian cinema) or the length and complexity of action sequences (in the case of foreign films).

This film went about breaking any and all reservations I had about black and white movies, and I guarantee that it’ll break yours, too!


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