Club of the Month: The Damini Club

Vasanthi Pillai, III Year B.A. Economics

Damini was a club set up to focus on women empowerment few years back and it faded out with time due to various reasons. With the help of the faculty advisor and the deans, the club was revived this year.

As the President of Damini, Shalini from third year Economics beautifully put it across when she said, “I think that Damini is one of its kind in Stella, there’s no other club that gives so much importance to women and issues faced by them, or just look at the concept of being a woman”, the Damini Club hopes to empower and enable, rally and retaliate, debate and discuss all those who are willing to open themselves up to it.

The team state that their major hurdle initially was to make the students understand this club is a necessity even though it functions within an all-girls institution. It is not merely about the number of women who study, rather about how empowered this education makes them feel. The club is open to all those who wish to be a part of it, for dialogue is the first step to change.

Damini Club recently conducted a theatre workshop, on movement that emphasized the importance of being comfortable with the body. This club aims to bring about actual change in perspectives of people through discussions and debate. “We think, beyond petitions and marathons, there are things that are heavily associated with our mindset and thus where we want to begin.” says Sivapriya, secretary of the club.

The club looks forward to making qualitative contribution towards the growth of every individual, reiterating the importance of women empowerment until it’s heard.


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