Bring It Back: Inter Years 2016

Rewind 90s brings the college together to compete

On the 17th of September, the Annual Inter-year Cultural Competition was held in Stella Maris College with great enthusiasm. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as the events began all over the campus. The theme for this year was Rewind 90s, with most competitions adhering to this theme and many students dressing the part.


With the Second and Third Years fighting for the title in a neck-to-neck race, the Third Years eventually bagged the title this year, having won many events as well as all four of their Jackpot Events.


The Judges Kept the Participants on Their Feet

The Shipwreck Competition was held at M-01 with the participants raring to have a chance at getting the coveted life jacket. This event was judged by the external judge Rahul Sridhar, a well-known theatre persona and stand-up comedian and the internal judge Ms. Shantha. The judges gave the participants unique personalities to test their skills. Each year had two participants, and the third years eventually came out on top, with Tasneem and Rochana from the third-years bagging the first and second places respectively.


The first place in the ‘Just a Minute’ competition which was convened in M-1-1 was secured by Vanshika from the second year B.A Economics. Aditya Suri, Business Manager of Qualet Education and Training, who has been involved with cultural fests specialising in English Literary events since his college days at VIT, was the external judge for this event. He has won over 90 events and has attended over 40 cultural fests. This explains his expertise in bombarding the contestants with impromptu topics to speak on. Dr. Dolly Thomas, HOD of the History and Tourism Department was the internal judge. The 6 final contestants were made to crack 5 different levels, following which the first three winners were selected. The talking time and the final score determined the winners.

Photo hunt                     

Photo hunt was an adaptation of a typical treasure hunt. Clues were handed out to the teams at the starting point. There were eight teams in total, two teams representing each year. The teams were asked to take snapshots of scenes on campus,  that were close to their interpretation of the clues. After the stipulated time, a member from each team explained their choices to the judges. The event came to an end with the Group 1 from the third year and the Group 2 from the first year winning the first and the second places respectively.

500 Rs. Challenge

The 500 Rupees challenge was an off-stage event in which five teams participated. The event commenced at 09:00 A.M. and finished at 2:00 P.M. The participants were to invest five hundred rupees in the most profitable way. They had to draw up a plan and submit it beforehand with the event heads. On the day of the Inter Years, they had to execute their plan. The rules explicitly stated that no readymade or branded goods could be sold and that the participants were supposed to show proper accounts of their transactions. The participants set up stalls and some even conducted games. The Third years (Team 1) emerged as winners while the PG 1st year (Team 1) secured the second position. The third place was shared by the 1st Years (Team 1) and 2nd Years (Team 2).

Group Dance – Synchronize

Synchronize – The Group Dance Event Was Conducted With Great Excitement

The Annual Inter-Years competition kick-started with the Group Dance event, Synchronize. This event was a treat to watch because it showcased the collaboration of dancers from various genres under one roof. The Internal judge for the event was Dr Kalpana Jayaram and the External judge was Mr Vijay Varma, of Kings of Dance fame. The contestants displayed their talent exuberantly and tried to showcase the theme Rewind 90s in the best way possible. The second years sealed the first and second places. The winning team performed a classical version of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S and the Harry Potter theme song. In the end, all the dancers came together to groove to the theme song of Super Mario. The third years, who came third, had some issues with costumes. However, their choreography was spectacular. The event came to an end with Vijay Varma’s rendition of the popular track “Senjitaley”.

Group Music:


The Third Years Blew Away The Competition, Wins The Jackpot

The event took place at the OAT, with 8 teams participating in the event and Varun Paradhaman as the external judge. The venue was abuzz and filled to full capacity. The academic dean Dr. Anne Samuel was the internal judge. The first place was soulfully stolen by third year’s team 1. Bianca Joseph and Teresa Anthony were awarded best vocalist and best instrumentalist respectively.

Fashion Show

The event began with vibrant colours all over when the 6 participating teams came near the OAT stage awaiting their turn to strut their 90s style. Gayathri Reddy and Malika Maadhavan were the judges for the show. After some really crafty costumes and crisp choreography, the Second Years’ Team Two won (surprising no one). Unfortunately they were disqualified for not adhering to the instructions set by the faculty and their title was given to Third Year’s Team 2 instead.

Channel Surfing

The Inter-Years Channel Surfing event took place in F-2-1 of the St. Francis of Assisi block at 12:30pm. Participants from various teams enacted sketches, music videos, documentaries, reality shows and other content popular on television. They were judged by Mr Srinivas Rajgopal and Dr Maria Agnes from the Department of Sociology.  The Second-Year participants put up a seamless performance, adeptly switching from one channel to the next, and ended up winning the event. The First-Year students who also performed admirably with channels like Urdu TV, Animal Planet and Sun TV, came in second.


Ms. Ishleen and Mr. Ravichandran Judge ADZAP

The ADZAP Inter-Years event, held at F-2-1 in the St .Francis of Assisi block, was judged by Mr Ashwin Ravichandran and Ms Ishleen from the English Department. The event, which consisted of innovative advertisements and products, was won by the Second-year students of Shift I (Cauvery Water Bottles). Many of the products focused on current issues such as the Salman Khan hit-and-run case, the Cauvery water dispute and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visits to foreign countries, among many others. The Vijaykanth English Spoken Class as advertised by the First Year students came in second, followed by Vikram’s Secret: Deodorant for Men by the First Year students of Shift II.


Quizzes are a big part of any cultural event these days. Naturally, every cultural program at Stella Maris College does indeed have a quiz. And, the inter-years’ cultural event this time around was no different. The best teams from each of the years then went on to participate in the final quiz on the day of the 90’s Show. On the day of the inter-years’, there was 6 teams assembled at the venue. All teams but one had four participants each. The final was very simple compared to the prelims. While that isn’t bad, generally quizzes are a touch tougher than the prelims. The finals had three rounds of which one was a round on entertainment from the 90’s. The entire event was done within the hour which, once again, was a surprise as generally the quizzes in Stella Maris College tend to go over time. The second year team emerged winners with third year teams as the runners up.

Reports compiled by Rochana Mohan, III Year B.A. English, Gowri S, III Year B.A. English, Dalia N. III Year B.A. English, Mathangi N. M, II Year B.A. English, Vidhya R, III Year B. Comm, Farasha Pharis, III Year B.A. Economics, Nikita Pinto, III Year B.A. English, and Annapoorni K. H., I Year M. Sc. Chemistry.

Photograph Source: SMC Photography Club


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