Restaurants for Broke College Students: Madurai Pandian Mess

Akchayaa R, I B.A. English.

As college students, most of us stay in hostels. Due to this (un)fortunate circumstance, our tongues have forgotten the taste of our grandmothers’ cooking. Most of you might not prefer the Madurai Pandian Mess as it is famous for its non-vegetarian cuisine. But if you eat meat, then you my friend, must visit this place, for this is something you absolutely cannot miss.

Located on the busy streets of T. Nagar, this small, mess-styled eatery might not look very appealing from the outside but the aroma of the food speaks otherwise. As you walk in and have a seat (sometimes sharing a table with a random person) you will have the servers place a plantain leaf instead of a plate for a more authentic experience. Once they hand you the menus, you would be surprised for two reasons – one: you can leave with a full wallet, heart and stomach and two: you can find everything that flies (except aeroplanes), everything that swims (except submarines) and everything that walks (except humans) as delicacies! It is truly a meat-lovers paradise.

The non-vegetarian meal consists of rice, kootu, poriyal, chicken gravy, mutton gravy and fish gravy. This one meal is enough to satisfy your hunger but the stomach wants what it wants- and it wants more! The prawn fry, which is prepared as a semi-gravy, is a must try and the egg omelette spiced with pepper and onions is too good to miss. The only quirk about this place is that the service is not that of ‘gourmet’ restaurants. One meal here can take you back to your grandmother’s kitchen and that is a chance nobody wants to miss.


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