Note From The Editor

It’s been a very busy month on campus, what with Friendship Day, Independence Day, Stella’s 70th Anniversary, Madras Week as well as our exams all falling in quick succession. Our reporters have been looking rather haggard this month; forgive them. They’re exhausted for good reason.

This month, we’ve decided to base our issue around Stella’s growth over the past 70 years. We’ve compiled some interesting facts in Stella’s history in this issue, as well as a special article from our Assistant Editor Jerusha, “Stella Through The Ages”. Being the fourth generation in her family to become a Stella Marian, she has some interesting anecdotes for you all. Our reporters have worked tirelessly with the Stellarchives, which have been very kind and accommodating, to provide some high-quality journalism.

We’ve got exciting book and movie review, especially those of The Cursed Child and Suicide Squad in this issue. Our Club of the Month is legendary The Western Music Club, and our reporters have sat down with the office bearers to discuss how they’re so pitch perfect. We’ve also got our Current Affairs feature on the AFSPA, and some features to make you think.

Once again, I’d like to thank you all for your support and readership, as well as our faculty advisor, Ms. Ishleen, for her help and support.

Rochana Mohan, Editor-in-Chief
Jerusha Jose, Assistant Editor.


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