Club of the Month: Western Music Club

All Set To Hit The High Notes

Gowri S, III Year B.A. English.

In conversation with the office bearers of WMC, Bianca Joseph and Sreenidhi Venkat.

One among the few a cappella groups in the city, the Western Music Club, popularly known as ‘Acastella’, has long been one of the most popular clubs in the college. Known for their incredible harmonising skills and precise renditions, WMC still continues to be one of the clubs which garner attention among the juniors very quickly. On casual enquiry about the reason for their popularity in the campus, students were not at the least doubtful in owing the credit to their performances in the past years, which spoke of perfection. The academic year 2014-2015 saw the prime of the club with Roshini Sharon and Subiksha Natarajan at the helm. The following year, due to unforeseen circumstances, many events were cancelled which led the club to be relatively inactive. However, this year, WMC is meticulous in their planning and hopes to implement them all.

The current President Bianca Joseph and Secretary Sreenidhi Venkat, in an informal conversation, mentioned that this year is likely to be an eventful year for the club. “It’s all about the balance in the number of people from each year. Last year, we had a difficulty when all the seniors passed out, leaving only a handful in the group. This year, we have made sure that we include maximum number of first year students,” said Bianca who is pursuing her third year B.V.A. program. The club has also started an acoustic group meant exclusively for the shift 2 students this year. Roseline Noble, a final year B.Comm student (Shift 2) said, “The WMC was pretty non-existent among the second shift students till now. With the introduction of the acoustic group, it should definitely change.”

Having performed in almost all the events that happened from the beginning of the academic year till date, the club hopes to continue with the same vigour. Harmonising on stage calls for perfection in each member of the group and this, undoubtedly, is the unique selling point of the club. In order to keep the synchronisation intact, each person in the group should be equally talented, a quality which differentiates an a capella group from instrumental bands. WMC makes sure that each member of the club gets to perform a solo bit in a set which is yet another quality.

Sreenidhi, the Secretary of the club who is a 3rd year UG student from the Department of English, said that the club ensures the right kind of exposure for the juniors which could enable them to take the club forward in the coming years. She also said, “Currently our aim is to participate in all the intercollegiate events which will most probably be held in the second semester of this academic year.” When asked about the how they select songs for the set, she said, “In cultural events, the popularity of the songs and the way you connect to the crowd are the factors that are often looked upon.” According to the office bearers, the club is currently trying to contact professionals to help with the arrangements of the sets.

On recalling the time when they had auditioned for the club, most of the senior members admit that the process was indeed scary. This in itself establishes the fact that the club has always been one among the most sought-after clubs in the college. The fact that WMC has always been a frontrunner among the clubs automatically sets high expectations among the students. This year, with many events fast approaching, some mind-blowing performances are well in line.


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