5 Places You Didn’t Know Existed in Campus

Gowri S, III Year B.A. English

Ever ventured into the unknown? Especially in Stella? Oh well, What’s unknown in Stella, right?

If you think so, you are wrong. Here’s the list of 5 places in Stella which you thought never existed:


  1. The hostel area (Behind Clemens Hostel): For day scholars, the areas around the hostels are mysterious. Though technically a parking lot, the empty lot behind Clemens hostel is known only to the hostellers. If you are a day scholar, take a walk around the hostels and the quietude and greenery will surely blow your mind.


  1. The stairway near the dtp center: This desolate and narrow stairway leads to the C block, probably the smallest block in the college. It takes us to a narrow corridor which houses few classrooms and a photography studio and also provides a convoluted link to the F block.3
  2. The common room (secret room): The common room is not an unknown place for the students, especially those in clubs, but the table tennis area behind the partition in the common room is definitely unknown to quite a lot of people.


  1. The Fine Arts studio: An aesthetic space, laden with artefacts and partially completed artworks by the students, the existence of which is oblivious to others (non-FineArtians) in the college. The fact that the studio is situated in the link between the C block and the F block makes it more intriguing.5
  2. The pathway between the HC block and the Games block: The benches beside the pathway that leads to the Games block are preferred places for the Fine Arts students to hang out. Owing to its isolated location separated from the rest of the blocks, this spot is unknown to many.

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