The Canvas of Life

T. C. Nivedita, I Year B.A English Literature

Life takes on a different perspective,
Ways are lit by the golden glow;
Reality, the dreadful truth,
All but within hands’ reach.

All ties break away,
The clarion call echoes,
And a deafening silence ensues,
As I will my feet to move;
Paving way to where life beckons,
With a face so masked and veiled;
Knowing, destiny is but mine to create.

Pure and untouched,
Its vast expanse stretches,
White as freshly fallen snow,
The canvas, no stain does it show.

I pick up the brush,
Splash on the colours;
With gale and grandeur
Does the endless journey begin,
A tale of vibrant valiance,
Till white is but a distant past;
Ghosts of forgotten yesteryears.

Picturesque, vivid and narrative,
My whole life is sketched;
By hands now sore, charred and marred,
Till I place them down,
To take my final bow.


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