Restaurants For Broke College Students: Pasta Square

Akchayaa R, I Year B. A. English.

Craving pasta but your wallet as empty as, your wallet? Worry no more. Tucked inside 6th Street, Gopalapuram is a quiet little shop where you would least expect a ‘fancy’ dish like pasta to be served. Opposite Bayleaf restaurant, Pasta Square welcomes you with two plastic chairs, a modest counter and a kitchen smaller than the storerooms at our homes.

Unlike other pasta restaurants, waiters don’t hand you menus that run for pages in incomprehensible gastronomical jargon. Instead you read the delicacies written out on a white board. And to your greatest surprise, all the dishes are priced below Rs.100. Ranging from nachos to pineapple chocolate pudding, garlic bread to pizzas, this tiny place offers more than just pasta. The Lasagna served there is a must try. If you are looking for some creamy, white goodness then the Classic Alfredo must be your choice. My personal favourite is the Spicy Mac and Cheese, which is the traditional mac and cheese but spiced with paprika.

Served steaming hot in a biodegradable, disposable plate, this restaurant is not only eco-friendly but is also challenges the conventional methods of eating pasta. The only hitch is the lack of space to sit. But pasta is comfort food and it doesn’t matter whether you eat it in a fancy air conditioned restaurant or a small takeout place.

[Photography Source: Internet.]


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