Note from the Editor

It brings me great pleasure to present our first issue of the Stellaeidoscope for this academic year. Our July issue covers not only college events but also has reviews, a very special current affair feature from the President of the Debate Club and a travelogue, amongst many other things. This particular issue has a few articles centred on the Freshers.

This year we hope to publish an issue every month, in addition to our weekly columns. Our reporters and cartoonists are a talented group of individuals, and we welcome several new additions to our team this year. We have collaborated with The Photography Club in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

We have shifted to WordPress after much deliberation due to its convenience and simplicity. This means we will be much more accessible to our readers. I’d like to take this moment to thank our faculty advisor, Ms Ishleen, for all her support and guidance.

I hope you find our issues informative and interesting. We believe in a constant communication with our readers, so please contact us at with any inputs or suggestions you may have. Please do support us in the future.

Rochana Mohan, Editor-in-Chief.
Jerusha Christina Jose, Assistant Editor.

[Art by Ananya R, III Year B. A. Fine Ats.]


2 thoughts on “Note from the Editor

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  1. I love that Stellaeifoscope has branched out beyond the written word and into customised designs too.
    Good luck to the team this year!


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