Namma Chennai Da: Freshers Talent Hunt 2016

Six teams strive to be the overall winner by competing in several events

Freshers Talent Hunt was held on the 30th of July, with the opening ceremony being held at the Big OAT. The welcome address was given by the Cultural Secretary of Shift I, M. H. Monica. Swetha Priya, the Cultural Secretary of Shift II, gave a short but informative speech on the launching of their new initiative, called ‘THE CHANGEMAKER’. A video was also played to that effect. Finally, Sister Susan welcomed the gathering, shared precious words of wisdom, and declared the event open.

Six teams – The Mylapore Maestros, Royapettah Ranis, Beasant Nagar Bosses, T Nagar Tytans, Sowcarpet Superstars and Nugambakkam Ninjas – consisting of various classes battled it out to become the winner through various events.

SOLO ADAPTUNE            

Chennai ’86, this year’s Freshers Talent Hunt, commenced with a burst of energy. The first event, Adaptune, that took place in the Big OAT, was an enthusiastic start for the day. The participants from the various teams had to dance according to the changing music. The event commenced at 11:00 A.M. The judges for this event were Ms. Shrabbani, Mr. Oliver and Mr. Maruyan. The event progressed quickly with the crowd cheering the participants. After a few comments about the performances, the judges announced the results. Priscilla of Nungambakkam Ninjas won the competition. After the prize distribution, the event concluded at 12:30 P.M.


3GroupDance.jpgPowerful Dances: The Group Dance Event

The Group Dance event, held in the Big OAT, appealed to the crowd and the participants came forth with brilliant ideas through which their talents were exhibited. The event commenced grandly at 12:30 P.M. and was judged by Mr. Sundar, Mr. Gautam and Mr. Hari. After a power-packed one and a half hours, the event drew to a close. The judges commented on the amazing performances and delivered the results. The first place was bagged by the Mylalore Maestros. After the distribution of prizes, the judges portrayed a few moves themselves and the event ended at 02:00 P.M.


The Shipwreck event for the Freshers Talent Hunt Chennai 86 was held from 11 am to 12.30 pm at M01. Stand-up comedian and public speaking trainer at Warhorse, Mr. Rahul Sridhar and Mrs. Lakshmi Nair, faculty from the Department of English, were the judges for the event. The participants emulated some of Chennai’s most recognizable faces. Deepthi Dona, from the English Department, belonging to the Soucarpet Superstars, emerged in first place, with her brilliant performance as actor-turned-politician Vijaykanth. Sanjana from the T-Nagar Titans team and Niranjana from the Royappettah Ranis team secured the 2nd and 3rd place respectively.


The Besant Nagar Bosses team emerged first place winners at the Chennai-86 Adzap event conducted at M01 from 12.45 to 1.30 pm. The blue clad team won through their fun-filled advertisement for the movie Chennai Express. Products such as “garlic necklace”, and “a pen that cannot write” challenged the participants and inspired their humour and creativity. Mr.Sarath Subramaniyam, orator and public speaking trainer at Warhorse and Mrs.Pavithra, faculty from the Department of Economics, were the judges for the event. The second and third places were bagged by T-Nagar Titans and Soucarpet Superstars respectively.


Drawing a large crowd, the Channel Surfing event took place in F2-1. Keeping with the theme of the Freshers Day, it started 15 minutes late in true Chennai fashion. However, the tardiness was ignored the minute the judges were introduced. The judges for this event were renowned theatre artist Mr. Ananth Bhaskararaman and Dr. Dolly Thomas, from the History department. The results were announced with Mylapore Maestros placing first, while the Besant Nagar Bosses and T Nagar Titans bagged the second and third places, respectively.


The Music event, which took place in F2-1, saw a large audience divided into colour-coordinated groups, each one enthusiastically cheering for their teams. The judges for the event were Kaushik Krish – a popular playback singer – and Dr Anne Samuel from the Department of Fine Arts. While all the teams were brilliant, it was the Nungambakkam Ninjas who won, followed by the Besant Nagar Bosses and Sowcarpet Superstars. Kiran and Ritika from the Sowcarpet Superstars were deemed the best instrumentalists while Reshma Shyam from Beasant Nagar Bosses received the title of Best Vocalist.


4PotPainting.jpgBringing Out Chennai: The Pot Painting Event

The smell of fresh paint and clay lingered in the air as freshers from various departments competed against each other for the ‘Pot Painting event.’ Held from 11 am to 12:30 pm at F 1-1, 12 teams of two decorated their pots of various shapes and sizes in hues of ‘Chennai-86.’ The participants painted various scenes typical of Chennai including the Besant Nagar beach, the railway station, autos, statues of famous personalities, college life, etc. Varsha S and Nirupama T (Fine Arts) from Sowkarpet Superstars (Team 1) came in first, with the Besant Nagar Bosses (Team 1) and Nungambakkam Ninjas in the second and third position respectively. Many of the contestants revealed that this was their first pot painting event as they were, as one student put it, “doing it for the fun and not the competition.”


5Creative Writing.jpgCreativity Unleashed: The Creative Writing Event

Creative Writing competition was organized in room M-1-1 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Each of the teams was represented by two students. The participants were required to write a poem, an essay or a story on the topic ‘WATER’ in 500-750 words in either English or Tamil. The 1st position was bagged by Amita, I M.A. English, of T Nagar Titans. Dharaniya, I B.A. Economics, also of T Nagar Titans secured the 2nd position while the 3rd position was awarded to Sharin of Royapettah Ranis. The event was judged by Dr. Padma V Mckertich, Associate Professor, Department of English and Mrs. Leo Densli, Assistant Professor in Tamil.


The Pictionary-Taboo-Dumb Charades event was conducted at the A.V Room in the C.C Block at 11:00 a.m today. It was presided over by Sneha Varma and Varsha Mohan from the Economics department. The event was conducted in two rounds with one and a half minute to complete a game in the first round. The four out of the six teams with the shortest time taken would qualify for the second round. At the end of the first round, Nungabakam Ninjas, Beasant Nagar Bosses, Sowcarpet Superstars and T Nagar Titans qualified for the second round.
After an intense second round (with only a minute for each game) the Beasant Nagar Bosses finished first with 84 seconds. The winning team consisted of Samyuktha from Zoology department, Vasumathi from Maths department, Aparna from Sociology department and Archana from B.Voc department. It was a close finish between the Nungambakkam Ninjas and Sowcarpet Superstars with 89 seconds and 90 seconds respectively.


Treasure hunt comprised of six teams with four students in each. The game was designed in such a way that every team was assigned with a volunteer who would act as an auto driver to take the teams to different places. There were nine checkpoints throughout the college which were named by famous streets in Chennai. Each point had a clue leading to another and the teams geared up outage to run from one corner of the college to other with zest. There were circumstances where the teams failed to find their hidden clues and sometimes the answers, during which, the teams were given dares such as blowing balloons, wearing lungis, painting their face like a clown etc, which they did withouthesitation. The teams were asked to go to the green hut once they were done collecting all the nine clue cards, on the basis of which the winners were decided. Sowcarpet Superstars won the first position, Mylapore Maestros were placed second and T.Nagar Titans won the third place.


2CookwoFire.jpgSymphony of Taste: The Cooking Without Fire Event

One of the most creative of events during the Freshers’ Talent Hunt was ‘Cooking Without Fire’. With the theme for the day being ‘Chennai-86’, the topic for the event was ‘South Indian Delicacies’. The first place was bagged by a team from the Sowcarpet Superstars. It was judged by the Student Deans, Lakshmi Priya Ma’am and Lora Ma’am, who were more than pleased with the dishes presented.


This 100 Rs Challenge took place outside the Student Union Room from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. Teams with a maximum number of 5 people each were given Rs. 100 to invest into any products, and the team that made the maximum profit would win. This event had no judges, as the judging criteria were pretty straightforward. The team that placed first was the Mylapore Maestros team, who sold test tube shots of soft drinks, and made a profit of Rs. 2490. The Royapettah Ranis placed second, and sold cards with quotes on them that fit into the frames of ID cards. The team that placed third was the Sowcarpet Superstars team, who sold brownies with chocolate sauce and ice-cream. Overall, the event helped students understand the different aspects of business.


The General Quiz, one of Chennai-86’s most participated off-stage events, started promptly at 12:30 pm and lasted an hour. The venue was the A.V. Room at the C. C. block and a long stream of participants filed in. The event had two pairs from each division. It was headed by Pallavi Srikanth of the third-year Commerce department and Rumaiza Fathima of the second-year Economics department. The event heads conducted the quiz efficiently and the registration, hospitality and technical volunteers ensured that things proceeded without a hitch. The participants were subjected to a variety of gruelling questions through different media. Up to three places were awarded and the first place went to K. H. Annapoorani and G. Adlin Neefa of the first-year Chemistry department who bagged the top score for their division, the Mylapore Maestros.


As if maintaining a good GPA in this college isn’t hard enough, the Freshers’ Talent Hunt saw a series of mundane or bizarre activities amalgamated to form the obstacle race. The event happened on the sport field from 11:00 to 12:30. The feats that were to be completed by each team were in sequence – carry your teammate and spin her around five times, run around a traffic cone, thread a needle, blow a balloon till it bursts, run and dive under a string of heavy ropes and lastly, to quench your thirst after all those strenuous activities, gulp a glass of water as fast as you can, to finish first. Each team participated with much gusto to spare. At the finish of the race, confusion did erupt, since Sowcarpet Superstars were misinformed on the sequence of the activities. But in the midst of all the chaos, the event heads and volunteers’ vote was unanimous and the Royapettah Ranis were declared the undoubted winners.


The Photography contest was conducted in M 1-14 from 11:00-1:00. The topic ‘Light and Life’ was inspired by the ‘Light and Life Academy’, a top-notch photography school which the external judge, Rajkumar Raghavan would be attending in the near future. The internal judge was Ms Arokiya Priya, faculty advisor of the Photography club and a faculty of the department of Fine Arts. At 12:30 pm, each team had to produce one photo with the given theme in mind. A common favourite and the subsequent winner was an entry by Shefali SB and Gayathriy of the Commerce Department, Mylapore Maestros; who had captured the effect of light on water.


Block and Tackle, an event that combines spontaneity, analysis and wit, commenced with a spark at F1-1. The event required a participant to justify and refute the same motion within a timespan of two minutes. All the energy after lunch was needed to be harnessed as the judges, Mr. Rahul Sridhar and Mrs. Mary Shanta Joseph, put forth the most interesting motions for the participants. It was only later found that these motions could be as mind boggling as Arnab Goswami’s interrogation. The quality of the event could be judged by the heads of the participants that almost went bald with scratching them enough to produce novel points on their motions. All the participants, quite successfully, blocked their thoughts and tackled their initial nervousness. Block and Tackle concluded with T.Nagar Titans being crowned as the winners with Mylapore Maestros finishing second.

13680290_268542433527502_1526213366946135292_o.jpgT Nagar Titans Crowned Winners of the Hunt

After a gruelling day of events, the results were announced by Varsha Mohan at the Big OAT. The T Nagar Titans came out on top, with the Sowcarpet Superstars in second place and Beasant Nagar Bosses in third place. According to M. H. Monica, “the Freshers were really enthusiastic about this, so we had a great time putting this up [for them].”

[Articles compiled by: Uma Madhu, II Year B.A. English; Roshni Kumaravel, III Year B. V. A. Fine Arts; Mathangi Mahesh Kumar, II Year B.A. English; Akchaya R., I Year B.A. English; Jerusha Jose, III Year B.V. A. Fine Arts; Vedika Shewakramani, I Year B.Sc. Psychology; T. C. Niveditha, I Year B.A. English, Shakthi Bharathi, III Year B.A. English; Akanksha Khanna, I Year B.Sc. Psychology, Srishti Sankaranarayanan, III Year B.A. History and Rochana Mohan, III Year B.A. English.]

[Photograph Source: Photography Club.]


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