Lions and Mice

Pooja Krishna H. A., II Year B.A. English Literature.

When the mice roar,
Even the lions squeak
All those who had mocked
And dismissed the meek

Now scream in fear
And in terror, cower
As there happens a monumental
Shift in luck, in power.

For those who are on top
Do not always stay there
Realized the lions
As the mice invaded their lair.

Fortune favors not the well-off
Or the rich; only the brave
For you bring nothing to this world,
Take nothing to the grave.

All you power-hungry mortals,
Beware, heed my words
The ‘slaves’ are who win your battles
For you, not axes or swords

Just because you are rich
Or successful, don’t be so sure
That you’ll always be so
Don’t give in to power’s allure

One day, they will all
Rise, like dawn’s break,
Ready to take over the world,
Giving their stiff limbs a shake.

After being pushed down
For so long, after being chained,
They will rise brilliantly, like
A rainbow, after it has rained.

This is a message; a warning
To people who deem those below them ‘weak’
Remember, when mice roar,
Even lions squeak…


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