Investiture Ceremony at Stella Maris College

Sreenidhi Venkat, III B. A. English.

14th July, 2016: Stella Maris College’s annual Investiture Ceremony was held on the 14th of July at 1 pm at F-2-1. Secretary Sister Susan and the Vice Principals, Dr. Agnes Rozario and Dr. Priscilla Jebakumari presided over the event.

Sister Susan initiated the event with a prayer for the success of the office bearers in all their undertakings and then proceeded to address the gathering. She congratulated the girls, saying, “A leader is one who goes the way and shows the way.” She mentioned the importance of the girls having to set examples for others to follow and to work according to the vision and mission of the college. The speech was followed by the presentation of the badges to the office bearers by the dignitaries. The vote of thanks, proposed by Kavya Ravi, the Vice President of the Students Union, followed by the college song, concluded the event.

The club office bearers were elected to their posts at the end of the previous academic year. Bianca Joseph, President of the Western Music club, said that receiving the badge made her post and the accompanying responsibility more official. Nikita Wilson, General Secretary of the Students Union, claimed that she had heard a few office bearers mention the “prettiness” of their badges.

[Photograph Credit: Stella Maris Photography Club.]


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