Game Review: Life is Strange

Aakanksha Khanna, I Year B. A. Psychology.

Rating: 8.5/10

Upon hearing quite a bit about this game – Life Is Strange – which has been developed by Dontnod Entertainment, I decided to go ahead and buy the PS4 version of the game. Little was I aware of the impact that this game would have on me. This game revolves around Max Caulfield and her best friend Chloe Price. Max’s ability to rewind time comes with many complications. Altering the past proves to be treacherous to the future in many ways. Together, Max and Chloe investigate the disappearance of a fellow student, Rachel Amber.

Life Is Strange is a work of art that requires the player to make various decisions throughout the course of the game that directly influence the future events that unfold in the game. This means that your decisions mould the gameplay and alter it. This also makes the replay value of the game high. The soundtrack of the game is diverse and perfectly relates to the mood of the game in many situations. It blends beautifully with the gameplay and adds a whole new emotion to it. The graphics in the game are not top-notch, and are more artsy than detailed, but they don’t affect the gameplay in a negative way at all. The storyline of the game also depends on the decisions made by the player. It is very immersive and unpredictable. The plot of the game is very emotional and surreal.

The game draws a parallel to Ray Bradsbury’s short story ‘A Sound Of Thunder’ which was the first story to emphasise the relevance of the butterfly effect. This story is one of the most influential science-fiction stories based on time travel. All in all, this is a game that can be played over and over again and the player can have a different experience almost every single time. It is a game that influenced me in many ways, and I’m sure that most other players feel the same way.

Aside from being available to PS4 users, the game is also available on PS3, Xbox One, and Steam.


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