‘Create, Connect, Change’: Student’s Union Reveals Its Logo For 2016-17

Gowri S, III Year B.A. English.

Stella Maris College, 6th July 2016: “Create ideas that challenge; Connect with humanity and Change the individual mindset. This is what the 3 Cs stand for.”, said Catherine Saranya, President of the Students’ Union 2016-17, giving a vivid reflection on the logo during the unveiling event which was convened on 6th July in the OAT. In the absence of Principal, Dr. Sr. Jasintha Quadras, Sr. Susan officiated the unveiling by untying the ribbon, thus revealing the logo and the tagline to the college community.

The logo, an ideal combination of simplicity, colour and thought provoking ideas, depicts 4 triangles forming into a fifth triangle (a delta) which is representative of ‘Change’. The 5 triangles donning the colours of pink, orange, green and yellow, are also suggestive of the five elements of the earth which form the base of all humanity. While orange is the colour of connection, yellow depicts cheerfulness and happiness and green is the representation of harmony and growth.

The unveiling was followed by the presentation of a video which incorporated the significance of the logo and the tagline in a very creative manner, put together by the Union. This unique element of the event was received with much applause as the Stella community came together to welcome the new office bearers. In the Investiture’s ceremony that followed, Sr. Susan presented the Union members and the Executive Representatives of each year with their badges. The event formally marked the commencement of the term for the new Students’ Union and concluded the Investiture’s ceremony.

[Photograph Credits: Stella Maris Photography Club.]


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