Club of the Month: Rotaract Club of Stella Maris College

“Towards a Better Tomorrow.”

Dalia N, III Year B.A. English.

At one point in all of our lives, we wish to change something about the society we live in. But did we see the transformation come alive or did we set into motion things that will lead to that change? This is where Rotaractors stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Rotaractors are those who not only dream, but strive to make substantial changes that benefit humanity and prune the society.

The Rotary International (RI) is a non-partisan organization that endeavors to ensure a better future by harnessing the potential laden in today’s youth. Rotaract is “Rotary in action,” prompting humanitarian services that ensure human rights. The Rotaract Clubs bring adults of ages 18-30 to cater to the requirements that would help in the building of a better society.

Among such clubs is the Rotaract Club of Stella Maris College (RCSMC). The RCSMC is a prominent member of the RI District 3230. The Rotaractors of RCSMC, who are mindful about the challenges posed by the diversities existing in a particular society, condition their ideas to address these issues. “All Unique, All United” is the motto of the RCSMC 2016-’17. Hafsa Fathima, the Editor-in-chief of the RCSMC explains their motto, “…differences are what can bring us together, we should see each other for what makes us individuals and celebrate that…”

The RCSMC members participate in several international, national and local rallies and promotions conducted for noble causes.  The RCSMC meets once in a week to discuss their work, suggest amends to existing practices and offer new ideas.“…rarely do we see individuals trying to put themselves out of their comfort zones to reach out to those who are in need of assistance, RCSMC is filled with people who exhibit such sincerity, it is things like these that takes us a long way,” says, Nyati Chopra, the President of  the RCSMC.

The RCSMC works along with Sister Hilda Paris in matters concerning changes and awareness within the campus. They are mentored by their faculty advisor Dr. Priscilla Jebakumari to bring out the best in them. “We do face hardships. Sometimes hostelites are denied permission to participate in rallies…we are a part of the Stella Maris community and we have to abide by their standard protocols. However, we manage to make optimum use of whatever we have,” says, Ekta K. Manek, Sergeant-at-arms to the RCSMC.

Despite their vast numbers, their solidarity is commendable. Prachi J, a fresher, said that she was drawn towards the RCSMC because they seemed so close-knit. Anu Kuriyan, the Secretary of the RCSMC says, “No matter what we are always there for each other…we are like a family.”

The RCSMC has several novel projects that are yet to be unveiled. They also wish to revamp project Prathibha, through which Rotaractors identify talents in a particular school and fund a child’s education. The RCSMC wishes to be the change it wants in the world.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

[Photograph Source: RCSMC.]


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